A letter to myself

I have reliesed that I am lost because I haven’t perused my dreams in a long time. It’s been so long I have forgot what that dream could have been. But do not worry that dream is still with in you and you will find it again. Time to let go of this chapter of your life. It’s time to embrace the unknown and take those shots that your too scared to go for and ‘ve the person you want to be even if it’s not to everyone’s taste. Find your passion find your dream. Don’t be like the rest from your town. They all are born here kind of live and eventually die here. Be more than you ever thought you could be.



Feeling a bit lost

lately even though things are going well, I have been feeling a bit lost with who I am and what I want out of life. I know somethings I really want but there is big gaps which I just have no idea with.

I used to be very creative but even that is becoming a chore and I am just unsure on so many things. Because I am feeling this lost way I can’t even describe it any better than this. Just need to take my time and work all this out I suppose.

yoga has begun

After being away from regular exercise I have sadly put on a lot of weight. So with that in mind I decided to get healthy and fit again , huzzah I say. This is all part of this new me thing that I am going through. I want my mind, body and spirit working together instead of me just focusing on one and the other two become a bit of an after thought. That’s why I find yoga a great starting point with the body side of my triad since for me and well for lots of people it’s a very spiritual exercise and helps connect with yourself instead of solely trying to sculpted yourself.

This has been my second day of doing my yoga and you know I feel much better already , I know it will be a long road till visible changes but honestly it’s how I feel that means the most to me.

Namaste beautiful people

Avatar the last air bender

Over the weekend I sat down and watched the whole of the cartoon avatar, yes it was amazing and fun to watch cause come on aren’t we all just kids at heart and love to see the hero win and throw some epic magic about.

The main story of this is about the avatar learning all four elements so he can restore balance to the world. You follow him on his adventures learning about each of the elements and the lessons he learns about life and himself. ┬áThat’s just a basic and very rough story line of what goes on.

There was a lot more to this simple kids cartoon than I first reliesed. There was so much of a spiritual under tone than ran through the whole show. All about respecting nature , meditating to communicate with your higher self and ascended master. There was even a part where a guru taught Aang the main protagonist the 7 chakras.

The same way I said I found inspiration in the strangest of places, this little show sparked a bit of spiritual inspiration in me. It made me realise a lot about the way I go about what I am doing and helped with me taking steps along my path and no one else’s path disguised as my own.

I know it sounds strange that I had a spiritual moment because of a cartoon but think about it you will find what you are looking for usually in the strangest of places.

I got a job!

I can’t believe it but I actually got the job being a steward at gigs and I will be working the whole festival session. I am sure excited about this because even though I do enjoy doing nothing as much as the next person but it does get a bit boring after a while.

Another good this that I believe will come out of this is that I will follow my passions a lot more, you lately doing the blog, drawing and many other areas of my life that I used to love doing just for doings sake and the fun of doing it has became a bit dull out of having nothing else going on in my life. Now I feel I will devote more time to this because I will have other aspects of my life focused on working and this leaves my free time to actually do what I want instead of all day everyday is free time which has just made me lazy.

Anyways I am rambling on a bit I just want to end by saying I am so excited for what is to come next.

Namaste everyone

Amazing dreams

Last night I had a strange experience where I was dreaming but I wasn’t truly asleep. This for most people means your having a restless night and a frustrating time, but for me it was an amazing experience as it came with many feelings in my head. I felt energy in my head and I can’t explain but it was like a message from my higher self. I found my self seeing drawing and parts of things that always sparks emotions with me and that give me a urge for adventure.

What I have took from all this is my higher self is trying to help me along a path I have been half arsing at this point.

So this seems like the start of something amazing. It is also showing me that I am slowly conecting to my true self.

Namaste everyone